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Honored Citizen

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The $125.00 support level includes your Citizenship Card, an Alternation sticker, and makes you eligible for at least one pair of tickets and prizes. This year you will also receive a new, stylish black Alternation beanie with our fresh new logo featuring Mad Cow in white stitching.  Also in your package you'll find an Alternation lanyard plus our newly designed black rubberized phone wallet. Attach it to the back of your phone to carry credit-card-size items like a hotel door key, business cards, etc.

But, wait...there's more!

As a Super Citizen you'll be easily recognized as a fan of the nation when you put on your new electric green Alternation logo t-shirt! It's 100% cotton so it's comfortable, cool, and sexy. You'll quickly learn to love it!

We're not finished yet!

Donate $125 or more and we will toss in our brand new translucent green 28 oz. sports water bottle with a locking top. On the side is our new Alternation logo featuring Mad Cow. Never go thirsty again.

Please Note your contribution will appear on your credit card or bank statement as a payment to Streetsboro City Schools. Streetsboro City Schools is the license holder for 88.9 WSTB Radio.

Payment to: WSTB Radio Streetsboro

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